We at BNA Consulting pride ourselves on our responsiveness and we always ensure that our advice on everything VAT related will be tailored to your situation and that we will be able to provide it at any time you may need our services. We understand that modern business is under pressure of countless rules and regulations which have to be strictly followed in order to achieve a return of their VAT.

We want to help you avoid any possible mishaps that may occur due to additional strain on your staff by providing aid to your administrative department.

We at BNA Consulting know by experience that mistakes in this field can cost you a lot. The fines added for any mistakes in calculation or any deviations in the interest charged may be allotted for unpunctually submitted documents of your returns, which can prove to be a significant setback for the budget of your company. This is why you should be sure to entrust all your needs to the expert care of BNA Consulting, whenever you need aid with your VAT return.

These are some essential points you should consider, whenever you are working on your VAT returns:

  • Are you in need of assistance with VAT questions?
  • Are you in need of expert advice with your VAT check-up?
  • Are you facing setbacks with your VAT returns?
  • Are they properly accounted for?
  • Are you in need of help with VAT registration files?

If you follow these points you will have no issues with your VAT return. Sadly, very few business do follow these points, which is where BNA Consulting may help. As a team of professional English and Russian speaking consultants in the London area with experience when dealing with VAT and our services are available Business Development and small business startups across London

The most crucial elements of the business are to file the VAT returns before or on the due date. BNA Consulting is there to help you with VAT returns service,  any tasks that require expert care or a thorough approach to details. This will allow you and your employees to focus on the work.

BNA Consulting can skillfully assist you in every step of the way, through the whole process since the laws are ever-changing and expanding, you will need our guiding hand.

At BNA Consulting, we pride ourselves on being always informed on any recent laws and thus we are happy and able to answer any of the questions. BNA Consulting can provide VAT returns service to review the work your bookkeeping department has done or complete your VAT returns in their stead.

We at BNA Consulting specialise in VAT, which is among the most complex files to process. We have experience with the compiling of VAT and the patience when working on HMRC related paperwork.

We aim to help your business needs by being there for you by providing professional advice based on our vast experience.