UTR Number

UTR Number

A UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) number is a 10 digit number that is unique to either you or your company. It identifies you personally with HMRC for things related to your tax obligations. You’ll automatically get one when you register for self-assessment or set up a limited company and this is where BNA Consulting comes in to assist you with gaining the UTR .

We will register for a UTR

We at BNA Consulting will help you get it the moment you when you get set up for Self Assessment tax returns or launch a Limited Company. Once we have gained one for you, you can find your UTR in a few places.  We will fill out the Assessment tax returns, RIFT will send you to form SA1 from HMRC to sign. You’ll be applying for a UTR as part of this. It might take a while to get your UTR number from the taxman. Instead of you making sure that you have time to wait for the mailman, our English and Russian speaking staff will be able to get it for you.

Why you need a UTR number

There are a number of circumstances when you might need your UTR number including completing your self-assessment tax return and CIS registration.

Working with will help you get it the moment you who are managing financial affairs on your behalf HMRC can also use this number to identify you as a self-employed tax payer. If you are earning money that isn’t taxed before you receive it from an employer (know as PAYE) it is essential that you register as self-employed with HMRC and receive a UTR Number.

BNA Consulting will assist you if HMRC finds that you are operating as self-employed without having notified them you could be subject to heavy fines and potential criminal prosecution. If your self-assessment tax return is submitted without a valid UTR it will fail and you could be fined for not submitting a correct form by the deadline. Business partnerships need a UTR for the firm and a UTR for each partner in order to file online.

Companies have UTRs as well as individuals. The company Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) will have been issued by HMRC when the company was set up and registered.
Your company’s UTR will be included in the first letter you receive from HMRC at your registered office. It will be printed next to a heading like ‘UTR’, ‘Tax reference’, ‘Official Use’ or ‘Reference’. HMRC will use the UTR to identify your company whenever you contact them about tax.

When BNA Consulting is done with your paperwork your company number will be officially known as a Company Registration Number (CRN). It is issued by Companies House immediately upon incorporation. It is unique to your company and is displayed on your certificate of incorporation. We will provide you with this number which you must provide this number whenever you contact Companies House. Therefore count on BNA Consulting to get you where you are going safely, and reliably.