Self Assessment

Self Assessment

BNA Consulting has worked with companies that are required to file a corporation tax return in various forms together with supplementary pages, which we also help form. Our clients will receive guidance with full accounts and computations with the Inland Revenue. Deadlines apply to the filing of CTSA returns and the payment of corporation tax, which our English and Russian Speaking experts have years of experience with here at BNA Consulting.

BNA Consulting also warns that penalties apply for late submission of the return of £100 if it is up to three months late and £200 if the return is over three months late. We have also noticed that additional tax geared penalties apply when the return is either six or twelve months late.

This is why BNA Consulting experts can prepare tax returns in a timely and efficient manner. Our English and Russian speaking bookkeepers will also calculate your company’s tax liability and assist with the calculation of any quarterly installment payments. Be sure to count on BNA Consulting when it comes to a detailed overview.

If you have overpaid your taxes within the last 5 years, we at BNA Consulting guarantee the tax rebate service.

Our expert accountants at BNA Consulting have often been asked what self assessment tax return is, and the simplest way to put it is that it is a tax return is a form on which you must give details of your income and expenses if asked to do so by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The tax return is then used to calculate the amount of tax that you are due to pay. We must also mention that if you fall into any of these categories, you may need to submit a Self Assessment Tax Return form:

  • Are Self Employed (including CIS card holders)
  • Receive offshore/foreign income
  • Own UK rental property
  • Are a company director
  • Have taxable benefits (P11D from your employer)
  • Made capital gains over £8,800
  • Corporation Tax Self-Assessment

Have you ever thought that you might be paying too much tax?

BNA Consulting is there to allay your worries. We ensure that that you are almost guaranteed tax refund if you satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • You have not worked full tax year
  • You have been taxed on the wrong tax code
  • You work in the construction industry on the CIS scheme
  • Your earning during tax year were less than the tax free threshold of the current year