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A Guide to VAT for Small Businesses

A Guide to VAT for Small Businesses VAT can be a complicated tax and small businesses need to be clear on when to register and what their responsibilities are. We have created a short guide on VAT registration Uk that will answer some of the most common questions. Who Needs to Register?  In the UK […]
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Why Is Accounting Important for Small Businesses?

There are various costs associated with starting a new business and because of this, some small business chooses to manage the accounting side of their business themselves to save money. However, this can be a false economy as having an expert accountants in UK is vital to the success of a fledgling enterprise.  Poorly managed […]
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Payroll for Small Businesses in the UK

All businesses whatever their size have to have a system for paying their staff. For small businesses it’s tempting to attempt to keep payroll in house, issuing payment on an ad-hoc basis by writing cheques, or issuing bank transfers for salaries at the end of the each week or month. However, this risks breaking HMRC […]
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