Accountants Can Save Time by Automating Tasks

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Accountants Can Save Time by Automating Tasks

The tax deadline is approaching and accountants need to ensure that their client’s taxes are in order. Yet, taxes do not have to be as taxing as they have been in the past. There are ways to speed up the process, and there are tools available to make filing easier than ever.

Small Business Accountants in London

One of the best ways to save time is to use digital tools to automate some tasks. Technology helps us all with everyday tasks and there are ways in which it can help financial professionals gain information faster, save time and reduce mistakes too. Today we have three ways to automate tasks that will make filing taxes easier. Automated tasks are perfect for any accountancy firm in larger cities with an extensive list of clients so, any accountant in London or any other big city should read on. 

1. Data Analytics Software 

Data entry is monotonous but, accountants must get it right. Hours and hours are spent on entering the data needed to calculate how much tax is owed and, there is also the risk of human error.  So, every detail matters, and you need it to be accurate.  

A way to make this simpler for you is to use data analytics software. Software like this will make sure the data is correct and you will save hours too.  There are different versions of the software available and with some, you can even use spreadsheets and CS files so you can use data from different sources all in one place.  

2. Digital Forms

When you need a client to fill in any information, sending out forms in the post is no longer efficient. We live in a digital age where information can be written down and exchanged in minutes. So, save time by using digital web forms. 

If you offer your clients web forms, they can easily enter customized information and they can attach files and forms. All your client’s information will be secure, in one place and notifications will be sent when any digital forms are uploaded.

3. eSignatures 

Even with accounting services, tax forms still need the client’s signature. Not only can this hold up the filing but we are now living in an uncertain time where people have not been able to psychically visit the office. That is why you need to try eSignature technology. This tech is exactly how it sounds. It is an electronic signature so you can skip the client visiting the office or having them print the form, sign it and send it back to you in either the post or as an email.

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Accountants in London and other larger cities will benefit from this technology now due to Covid restrictions, and it will help in the future too.

So, don’t get overwhelmed when you receive lots of tax filing requests. You can use these tools to lessen the workload and to save you time. The right tools can improve the accuracy and efficiency of your services.