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Certified Accountants in London 

Thinking of hiring an accountant? Did you know that there are non-certified and certified? If you didn’t, we are going to cover the basics that you need to know. At BNA Consulting, we are qualified accountants in London, so we can give you all the information needed to choose the best accountants for your business. 

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To start with, you may hear the names chartered or certified. Both of these types of accountants have qualifications and have been educated to work in this field. The requirements of education do vary from country to country, but as a whole, a certified accountant will have to undergo training and exams. In the UK, chartered accountants have undergone a slightly different process but certified or chartered accountants are the best option because they have been trained to look after tax affairs and finances.  

If an accountant has been through training, exams and practical experience, then they naturally have more to offer than a non-certified accountant who hasn’t. They will have learnt about the regulations, laws and proper business practices. Not only that, but a certified accountant who has been in the business for a long time will have gained lots of knowledge about issues and opportunities while working with others.  

You also have to consider the complexity of your business. If you have to deal with payroll, VAT, and other more complicated tax rules, you should always choose a professional team that has experience. Mistakes can be costly and stressful, so it is best to avoid those, and the best way to do that is with an accountant who knows rules and regulations inside out. 

You will have to pay more for the services of certified and qualified accountants, but you are paying for their expertise. As with any industry, more often than not, you get what you pay for.  


Anyone can set up an accounting business as in the UK you don’t need any special requirements. This means that you can come across non-certified accountants who have not received the same training as certified. With that said, lots of accountants do gain knowledge while working on the job. They learn how to solve newer problems as they occur, so a non-certified accountant will usually have the basic knowledge to handle simpler tax needs.  

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Only you will know what is right for your business, but you should always choose your accountancy team carefully. You should always check qualifications and reviews from other customers to make sure that you are hiring the right team.  

At BNA Consulting, we have a team of qualified accountants in London. Our team is bilingual and can assist with your whole business process from the exciting start to if the day comes that you decide to close or sell. We have a range of blog posts covering different topics, and our team is always available to help if you have any questions. Your business is in safe hands with BNA Consulting because our team is one of the best.