How do I find Top Accountants in UK

Accountants in London

When hiring an accountant, you need to make sure that they are the right fit for you. After all, your accountant is someone who you will depend on and look to for advice. With that said how do you find top accountants in the UK?

Top Accountants in UK

Where to start

You need to think about the location of the accountant, the cost and their sector. The idea is that you have an accountant experienced in your field and you want someone that can help you save money and time.  

Does the location matter? 

 Due to the internet, accountants can be accessed anywhere and you can share information no matter where you are located. So, it is now about personal preference. Are you happy just connecting online via email or video call? Or do you prefer face-to-face contact? Just make sure that they are located in the same country so they know the tax rules.

 Are they certified? 

Try to choose an accountant that is certified and recognized by the government. The names vary for certified accountants but generally, they are called chartered accountants or certified public accountants.

With that said an accountant can be used if they are not chartered for bookkeeping etc. However, a professional with qualifications are needed for more complex situations.

Are they experienced in what you need? 

 Try to choose someone who is experienced in your field so they understand what your business needs. 


Talk to other businesses owners and see what accountants they use. You can also find organizations online that provide free advice on choosing top accountants in the UK. That way you can create a list of possible candidates. You can also ask friends and family. Platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn can also be a source of recommendations. 

Choose someone who likes saving money

 A lot of accountants perform basic services such as tax returns but you need someone who actively wants to save you money. Choose someone who knows how to get percentages taken off your tax bill, etc. You need someone who knows the law in depth so you can save money legally.

Look at what software they use

Try to choose someone who uses the same software as you. This just makes things run more smoothly. If they don’t see if you can change or if they can use yours. This just allows you to collaborate and your data is kept safe and in one place.

Make a list of potential top accountants in the UK

You don’t have to choose the very first one you come across. Create a list of potentials, contact them and even interview them. 

Talk about cost 

Always talk about the cost with a potential accountant. See if they charge hourly or if they require a percentage of what you earn. Ask for a written quote and try to negotiate to get the best deal. 

Ask for references  

You should ask for references so you can see how they work with their clients. If an accountant has the right qualifications and previous clients are happy then they should be considered. 

Trust your gut

Use all the information and trust your gut feeling because if something seems off then it probably is.