What is UTR Number and How to Apply for it

Basics of a UTR number with BNA Consulting

If you need to fill in a self assessment form with HMRC, then you will be given a UTR. This is a reference number, and if you are self-employed as a sole trader, limited company, etc. you will get one. At BNA Consulting, we can help you with your UTR number registration, and today we are going to cover what is and how to apply for it. 

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Why do you need the number, and what does it look like?

As we mentioned at the beginning you need a UTR reference number when handling your tax obligations. It is your Unique Taxpayer Reference, and it is 10 digits long. If you register for self-assessment, then you will receive your number automatically and it helps HMRC identify you. If you need to discuss anything with HMRC or if you hand over your finances to an accountant, then your UTR allows everyone involved to know all the information needed.

Where will the number be displayed?

Once you have registered with HMRC and you receive your number, you can find it on letters sent by HMRC about your tax. You can also find it on previous years’ tax returns if you have any, any payment reminder letters and notices to file a self-assessment tax return. If you use the HMRC online services, then you can find the number on your online account too.

How to apply for your UTR

To start the process, you should first register for self assessment online, and you can do this on the government website. It will take around 10 days for your number to arrive by post. After that, you will receive an activation code, and you should activate your account with that before you file your return. During the application process, you will need your name, date of birth, address, contact details, and National Insurance number. You also have to provide the date you started your business along with any business information. 

If you are registering as a company, you will be able to request your UTR online once you are registered with the Companies House. If you need assistance when registering as a limited company, we can help. Our team of accountants can help you with your Corporation Tax UTR, and much more. 

UTR number registration with BNA Consulting

If applying for a UTR or registering for self-assessment seems too daunting for you BNA Consulting can help. Our team of professionals can help you with your UTR number registration whether you’re a sole trader, a limited company, and more. We can sort out the forms you need and get your number quickly and efficiently, and we can help you retrieve your number if it gets lost. At BNA Consulting, we offer other services such as self assessment tax return filing, so we can assist you every step of the way.

Those are the basics of a UTR number. Now you should know more about the numbers, and you may be ready to register. If you need any assistance with your UTR number registration, contact BNA Consulting today.